LHB Vanilla Honey Lager

This light and refreshing beer is brewed with pilsner dry malt and a little honey.  A touch of vanilla flavor blends wonderfully with the light floral aroma of Czech Saaz hops thanks to the addition of a vanilla bean in the secondary.  Now that's fine!

Kit includes grains, malt extract, hops, Saflager 23 dry yeast, muslin bag, priming sugar and a vanilla bean.  Half lb Honey not included.  Caps not included.

Upgrade to White Labs 029 Kolsch liquid yeast

  • ABV:: 4.2%
  • Brewing Difficulty: easy
  • IBU's: 23
  • OG:: 1.04
  • Item #: LHvanhonlag

LHB Vanilla Honey Lager

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