LHB Smoked Mocha Stout
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A collaboration with Fine Living Lancaster and 101 The Rose, this bold, complex, breakfast stout is brewed with roasted barley and smoked malt to give coffee notes and a suble smoky finish.  A late addition of cocoa powder adds to the flavors a taste of chocolate.  Moderate bitterness from Chinook hops to balance all the malt.

Kit includes grains, malt extract, hops, Safale 05 American dry yeast, 2 muslin bags and priming sugar.  Cocoa powder not included (you can find it at local grocery store in baking aisle) Caps not included.

You can upgrade to White Labs 008 East Coast liquid yeast.

  • ABV:: 6.8%
  • Brewing Difficulty: easy
  • IBU's: 40
  • OG:: 1.068
  • Item #: LHsmokmochst

LHB Smoked Mocha Stout

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