Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine Preorder Down Payment
New name: Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine  Preorder deadline is August 24, 2018!!!!
Seven time Gold Medal winner in the Port Style category of the WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition 2007 - 2013

Back by popular demand this wine is bursting with rich, intense flavors and aromas. The traditional Port character of warm, rounded cherries and plums is supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry. Perfumed and gently tart with a luscious liquid chocolate rush in the middle of the palate, it finishes with beguiling dark, bittersweet aromas of coffee, vanilla and toast, all the way to a long, rich finish. Excellent within three months, this wine will age gorgeously. Makes 3 gallon of wine.
Oak: Toasted : Sweetness: 7 : Body: Full
Alcohol by volume: 16.5%
Retail price for one kit is $110.95, so deducting the $50 down payment to place your order, the remaining $60.95 will be due at pickup.
We will contact everyone when the kits come in early September.  If you would like it shipped, you will need to pay the remaining $60.95 plus shipping by going to our online store in September.
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Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine Preorder Down Payment

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