Brew Built™ 10 Gallon Stainless Mash Tun
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 The Brew Built™ 10 gallon kettle is purpose built for homebrewing. Silicone handle and lid grips help prevent burns. Etched internal volume markings make filling the kettle for mash or boil simple. Welded valve and thermometer fittings are leak-free and never require maintenance--no more discovering worn gaskets on brew day. The internally threaded valve fitting accepts a wide range of in-kettle accessories. Sealed handle rivets are strong and allow the entire kettle to be filled if necessary. And perhaps best of all, BrewBuilt is excited to introduce an industry first: A pre-notched lid with a silicone plug that allows perfect fitting for immersion chillers or a sparge arm. These kettles are truly designed for brewing.

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Brew Built™ 10 Gallon Stainless Mash Tun

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