Blichmann BrewEasy Gas Turn Key LTE System
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This simple and compact all grain brewing system is made of two boilermakers sitting on top of each other. It is set up to be a Recirculating Infusion Mash System (RIMS). The five gallon option comes with a 7.5 gallon mash tun and a 10 gallon brew kettle.  With this system, you measure out all your water volumes and place half in the upper kettle and half in the lower kettle and heat to strike temperature.  Next add your grain and let the mash rest for 10 minutes before recirculating.  Wort flows out of the mash tun down to the brew kettle where heat is applied as needed by the Tower of Power.  The auto sparge controls the rate of flow that is pumped back up to the mash.  At the end of the mash, just drain all your wort to the brew kettle!  The Tower of Power LTE comes with a small portable stand and transfer pump.

The 10 gallon system comes with a 15 gallon mash tun and a 20 gallon brew kettle.

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Blichmann BrewEasy Gas Turn Key LTE System

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