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Learn how to make your own beer at home by joining this informative class held at Lancaster Homebrew.  We will actually brew up a fresh batch of beer so you will get to see everything!  Learn about all the different types of specialty malts and taste some.  Learn about all the differents kinds of hops and how they can impact the beer.  You will also learn about yeast, water, racking beer and bottling beer.  Even if you already have some brewing experience you will learn something new.  There will also be free beer samples (must be 21 or older)

This class will be held at our brewery right next door (Big Dog Craft Brewing) so we can spread people out.  We will take a break half way through to go to the homebrew shop to look around.  We are offering a 20% discount off our Beginner Beer brewing equipment kits for those that come to the class.  Valid on class day only.

By submitting your $20 per person, you reserve those spots for the class.  Price is non refundable.  If a class would have to be cancelled for some reason such as weather related, you can reserve a spot at a future class.  For any questions you may have, please call 717-517-8785.


DATE: Sat. April 24, 2021

TIME: 10am to 12:15

Where: Big Dog Craft Brewing (right next door to Lancaster Homebrew)

1559 Manheim Pike (Granite Run Square)

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Beginners Beer Brewing Class: Sat April 24th Sign Up

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