All Grain Brewing Class: Saturday, May 18: Sign Up


Do you want to advance your brewing skills?  We will be covering several topics that will help you on your beer brewing journey


- All grain brewing concepts, grains, mashing and sparging, brew-in-a-bag

- How water adjustments can change the taste of your beer

- Mash pH

- Yeast handling and fermentation are so important to high quality beer, so we will take some time to talk about yeast health, yeast starters and good fermentation practices


By submitting your $20 per person, you reserve those spots for the class.  Price is non refundable.  If a class would have to be cancelled for some reason such as weather related, you can reserve a spot at a future class.  For any questions you may have, please call 717-517-8785.

DATE: Saturday, May 18, 2019

TIME: 10am to noon

WHERE: Lancaster Homebrew

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All Grain Brewing Class: Saturday, May 18: Sign Up

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